Rootflage takes great pride in bringing you natural looking temporary hair color between salon appointments.

It’s true, first we started only made Rootflage for bottle blondes, because they were always gypped when it came to temporary root touch up color between salon appointments that worked! But now we are broadening our focus to just about any natural shade of hair color out there! And why not? Gingers and brunettes need Rootflage too! Check out all our exciting new colors! Yes we still have our beloved  light blonde, cool blonde and warm blonde. But check out our light brown, our golden brown, our medium brown, dark brown, brown/black, auburn and copper penny red! Rootflage is easy to apply, it takes less than a minute.

Did I also mention that Rootflage doubles as a dry shampoo? Well it does.

We offer Rootflage refills for purchase and a Recycle Your Rootflage program where you can send your bottle back in to be refilled by us! It’s good for the earth and your pocketbook too.

Our goal is to help women save time and cash while looking like a million bucks.

Take the salon with you.


Those of us who color our hair blonde do it because we love it. We love the way it brightens our face. We love the way it shimmers. It has become a part of our identity. But being blonde is no easy task. There is a lot of upkeep and maintenance that goes along with being blonde. It is easy to spend between $500-$1000 (if not more) annually on getting our hair highlighted each year.  A few weeks worth of root regrowth can make any blonde feel less than fabulous. For all that money we spend it seems a shame to not keep our color looking top notch at all times. Using Rootflage will help keep your color looking fresh between your color appointments. It will add that extra brightness to your hair. It will keep your investment looking well maintained without damaging your hair. Hide your roots and touch up your hair in seconds any time you need with Rootflage.

Stay blonde longer.

Because Roots are for trees.

Rootflage is stoked you discovered us and that you like us. You really really like us! xoxoxo

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One of the first blog posts and giveaways I ever entered or read were for something called Rootflage.

Have you heard of it? Have you tried it?

If you are not a ‘natural’ blonde and your answer was no, you really need to try it!

I’ve been highlighting or dying my hair since before high school.

I’m not the best at keeping up with my roots either…

Rootflage, as it’s name suggests, is Camoflage for Roots.

And better yet, it actually works!

One problem that I have a lot is turning brassy. Nevermind roots, right above my roots I get a layer of orange brass. Not all the time, usually just when the hairdresser messes up the bleach or dye.

I HATE brassy hair…

But I found a ‘cure’!

I got my hair dyed right before Christmas and she did a pretty good job but I was a little brassy.

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Rootflage is THE Blonde Hair Specialist

Roots are for trees.

But now luckily, it couldn’t be easier to stay blonde longer with Rootflage, the fun and foolproof blonde powder root touch up!

There are several shades of blonde out there. If you are blonde you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

Rootflage has completely honed in on every blondes needs with 3 gorgeous shades of blonde.

We want to help you choose the right shade for you.

Platinum and extremely light blondes can use Rootflage Light Blonde formula.

Beige or ashy blondes who are trying to stay away from warmth in their hair will love Rootflage Cool Blonde.

Caramel or honey blondes will love Rootflage Warm Blonde.

But if you don’t know what shade you should order you can email our experts at with a picture of your hair and we will let you know what shade will work best for you.

Rootflage has you covered.

Finally a root touch up product that is specific to blondes!


Watch this video where my dark roots are instantly covered and look like they were never there at all. Rootflage is a blonde mineral powder that goes on in less than a minute and washes out easily. The best part is it feels great in your hair. Won’t weigh your hair down. Fun and foolproof! It comes in 3 shades of blonde; Cool Blonde, Light Blonde, and Warm Blonde.
Roots are for trees.

It happens about every 5 weeks, your unwanted roots are back, and there is no hiding it anymore. Or is there?

Here is a way to temporarily lighten your roots to blend in with your already existing blonde highlights at home without comprimising the integrity of your professionally highlighted hair.  Rootflage is a DIY color touch up kit for blondes that is foolproof. A temporary powder that brushes on in seconds and washes out as easily as it went in. Keeps your highlights looking fresh and your roots lightened. Portable and easy to use, perfect for travel. Comes in 3 different shades.  Cool Blonde, Warm Blonde and Light Blonde. Find the tone that best suits you.

Rootflage 3 pack.  Quick. Hide those roots

Quick. Hide those roots

Rootflage Camp Blonde powder ($20) is a temporary fix to cover up dark roots. It boosts  your roots back to blonde until your next highlight or dye job. Totally natural, safe and easy. Bring the portable applicator with you anywhere. Fits in your purse. Easy. Non messy. Saves time and money. Pass it on.

If you highlight your hair, in a perfect world, you would do it every 4 weeks. Most people highlight their hair every 6 weeks. Beyond that you are pushing the limits. You have regrowth and there is no hiding it. Or is there? Rootflage blonde powder will cover your root regrowth and make it possible to keep your highlight appointments at every 8 weeks, or beyond! Rootflage is a blonde natural mineral powder you apply on roots to temporarily hide root regrowth. It will lighten and blend your roots in with your highlights. Rootflage will buy you time to get you through another day without a highlight appointment. Go ahead, push back your next highlight by another week. Because now you can Rootflage your hair to looking fabulous. Your life just improved drastically.

Temporary blonde highlights

Quick. Hide those roots. A blonde natural mineral powder you apply on roots to temporarily hide root regrowth. It will lighten and blend your roots in with your highlights. It can even tone down brassy hair. Rootflage will buy you time to get you through another day without a highlight appointment. Go ahead, push back your next highlight by another week. Because now you can Rootflage your hair to looking fabulous.


Quick. Hide those roots.

I have a highlight appointment on Friday and my hairdresser can’t get me in sooner. I am dying in the meantime because my roots are hideous and today is only Tuesday. Three more days of either wearing a hat or not leaving the house. But I have a date tonight and I don’t want to hide behind a hat. What is a girl to do? I actually have an awesome solution! Rootflage! I can temporarily lighten my roots right here right now. A blonde dry powder that I can wear until I wash it out. Super easy. Super awesome. ImageImage


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